My Maiden Tour

It was my maiden guiding experience at the museum today at 3.30pm. I was nervous the whole morning and kept rereading my tour paper. How could I forget what I myself wrote? I’m proud to say that almost no part of my tour paper was copy-pasted from my references! 😀 That’s even better than my papers and reports in university. Hahahah. I guess they’re right to say that love and passion makes you do things you don’t usually do (like read 5 books to write out 3 sentences in 2 hours).

I tried to go out a bit earlier so I could go round the museum on my own first, as I haven’t visited the artworks in quite some time, so I kinda lost the connection there. The galleries are actually bigger than I’ve been visualising in my head the past few weeks! That provided some relief in the claustrophobic area.

One of my biggest worry was that my tour would fall short of the 1-hour slot, as I do have a tendency to be bad at elaborating. But I was so glad that when I looked at my watch at the end of the tour – it was exactly 1 hour long! To be honest, I didn’t do a practice run through to make sure it was exactly an hour long, so I’m lucky that way. Hooray for me!

My mentor Kee Huat was very patient and helpful, too. The way he speaks remind me of an experienced paediatrician. I’m so glad it’s over, I’m happy about it, and I can’t wait to bring more people around the museum! Any takers? 🙂


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