Trip to Singapore Tyler Print Institute workshop

Last week, the group of Museum Volunteer trainees went for a very educational tour to the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI). It’s officially our field trip, and they’re showing prints made by Matisse (never seen before outside France!). I heard that we were supposed to go to the Heritage Conservation Centre in Jurong, where they store and conserve stuff collection from NHB museums, but cancelled since they’re doing renovation works and are closed for visits for the time being. Other than the tour of the Matisse exhbition, there was also a talk on his biography, and also a tour of STPI’s workshop. I find that the workshop tour was funner than the talk! But don’t tell! Anyway, here’s a few snaps of the workshop (we were not allowed to take photos in the Gallery)

The biggest press you can find in Asia (or Southeast Asia?)

This is where you grind your slabs of stone for lithographs

They make their own paper to ensure quality, and also the artists can then play around with the texture, form, and colour of the paper they intend to use themselves

Pretty pretty rollers. They remind me of kebabs.

For Batik prints. Was kinda surprised to see these here, but hey – it’s for PRINTING

Color swatches on the wall

Artists’ work counter, with bottles of dyes

Work boots, found them cutely arranged like this

More of the pretty rollers, hand rollers

Cans of lithography ink


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