A Fun and Informative Saturday

Dropped by the newly opened Peranakan Museum at Armenian Street last Saturday. I can’t remember exactly how long they’ve been closed for renovation. I just remember that I liked being in the former school. It was initially another branch of the Asian Civilisation Museum but I guess they choose to make it more specialised and thus the Peranakan Museum. Honesly, I don’t know if I’m counted as a peranakan. I’m not even too sure about the family’s genealogy. But it’s definitely fun to see those things that we have at home (or keep in boxes) displayed in the museum – our TV table at home was a functioning altar until my Granpa died about 17 years back, and our house is filled with random (straits?) chinese antiquities.

Stumbled upon an interesting place – a small graveyard in the Armenian Church’s yard. Pretty interesting, since I’ve never actually seen any old Christian grave here. Small tombs arranged in 2 curves with some tombstone figures losing their extremeties, no mausoleum or whatnot. But still a nice find, afterall. And apparently the famous Vanda Miss Joaquim (namesake of the Singaporean Orchid) is buried there.

Another interesting find is the Civil Defence Gallery at the pretty (as in, beautiful) old Fire Station opposite Funan (near the Philatelic Museum). Saw some old fire engines there, including a steam-powered one. The second level was less interesting IMO, tho. Contains a replica of an ambulance’s interior, some rescue scenes (including a really boring elevator scene where all you did was look at the level-indicator lights and listen to some woman’s voice telling you that the firefighters are coming to help you at level 18), and hazmat suits.


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